I think that everybody should strive for nothing less than happiness. This is not always easy and sometimes one needs a little help and support.

In my twenties, for some years, I lived and worked in the UK. I have good skills in spoken and written English. So if you are looking for an English speaking therapist in Germany I may be the right person.

I am qualified as a social worker and Heilpraktikerin – Heilpraktikerin is a German medical profession which allows me to treat patients with natural methods (see at bottom) and also to do psychotherapy.

I am specialised to do psychotherapy treating the following problems:

  • Phobia/Anxiety  
  • Depression 
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Trauma e.g. sexual/abuse in childhood or as an adult
  • Dissociation
  • Burn out

I also offer therapy to treat the following subjects:

  • Improvement of self-confidence
  • Improvement of efficiency
  • Improvement of well-being

And as a special offer for the following groups of people:

  • Therapy for lesbian couples
  • Women and children (e.g. after miscarriage or abortion, unwanted childlessness).

Regarding my methods,

  • I am a Certified Transactional Analyst specialising in clinical applications. Transactional analysis is a social psychology developed by Eric Berne. TA can be applied to psychotherapy, counseling, education, and organizational development.
  • I am an EDxTM Certified Practitioner (Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods). The EDxTM by Fred Gallo is also called energy psychology and is a method which includes elements of kinesiology, Chinese medicine and other therapy methods. It can be applied to a wide range of areas e.g. psychotherapy, counselling, education and physical health.

As an additional method:

Visualising: in this method I support the client to go into contact with her or his inner pictures. It is a good method to get into contact with your subconscious. The messages of your subconscious often open up new possibilities for your life and support your individual process.

With these methods I am able to offer short-term and long-term psychotherapy depending on your needs.

In addition I offer Coaching and Counselling with the emphasis on burn out prophylaxis.

I also offer the treatment with some gentle natural methods – these are e.g.:

  • Earacupuncture
  • Biochemie after Schüßler
  • Floweressences similar to the Bach flowers
  • Kinesiologie

I apply these methods in:

  • the treatment of physical symptoms accompanying psychotherapy
  • independently treating physical symptoms.